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Media from Mzansi Tour in South Africa

A few pictures and videos from the Mzansi Tour in South Africa. For results and other information about the tour you can visit:

“The man to watch is the man in the South African Champions jersey, Louis Meintjes.” Well done done my former teammate! Big Bear’s Little South Africa Camp generates champions!

Posted by: Connor McCutcheon | April 8, 2014

South Africa’s Pro Cycling Tour!

We finished 6th in the team time trial today. Just 15 seconds off from the leading team. It was a little rough and not as smooth as we would have liked. But that is to be expected when you are basically trying to sprint as a team in an organized fashion. A skill that takes a lot of time to perfect, unfortunately we didn’t have that time. 

After the race we got in the car and made a substantial drive south to the Golden Gate National Park where we be racing tomorrow and staying here at the Golden Gate Hotel for the next three nights. Based on what I could see once we got to the park just after dark. I can’t wait to see it in the light!  I anticipate that it is absolutely beautiful!

Combine that with baboon warning in our room and repetitive verbal warnings from the race organizers to keep everything locked to prevent the baboons from destroying anything they can get their hands on. We are in for and adventure! 

Your can check footage from the TT and future stages at.

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Mzansi Tour!

It is currently 9:30 in Johannesburg, South Africa!!!!  I am so excited to be starting the Mzansi Tour tomorrow! The guys and I have been here for several days here getting used to the weather and time change. It has been an amazing experience and I think it is only going to get better. We will be competing against many high level teams in tomorrows stage one, and throughout all 5 stages. Tomorrows stage is a 5 kilometer team time trial. Very fast, very painful, it’s going to be awesome!


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San Dimas was a bust.

Ya, so, after I threw up in the shower post Time Trial I tried to drink water and juice, but it all just kept coming up. Had a terrible night of barfing and no sleep. Started the road race but only made in about two and a half laps. I wasn’t feeling sick, I just had no energy or power.

I left for South Africa on Monday evening and have just arrived Wednesday afternoon local time. 

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I just arrived at the hotel in Africa. I am with my teammate Justin and two others arrive tonight! Looking forward to an awesome Mzansi Tour!

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The race to the bike race.

There is nothing like a good race. To get to a good bike race. Today was one of those days.
I got a late start on the day. Had to offload the camper from the truck and that always takes longer than anticipated. I didn’t have time to put my tailgate back on so I tied down my bike extra good. Luckly I still remember a few things from boy scouts. At near record pace down the mountain it was semi surprising the bike made it. Just over 30 minutes off the mountain in my 84 Toyota. But not surprising my truck didn’t.
   About a half mile to my exit off the freeway. My truck goes bang. It continued to run but had little power. It limped off the freeway and made it to the first surface street I could find. A quick look under the hood reveiled that the block had shot out a spark plug.


I called up my man Paul who was not far behind with my cycling shoes… I got dressed and and he picked me up on the road and bee lined it for the San Dimas time trial.
Well we made it. I did my ride.
After paul gives me a lucky braclet that JV made me. I could have used that earier!
I road back to the truck. Got the tool box out that was conveniently stored on my center concil (still no tail gate). And proceeded to, get my hands dirty. A reference many road cyclist aren’t familar with. 
I’m sure glad Paul paul gave me JV’s bracelet because I thought there was no way that plug was going back in the hole. I thought the treads were blown all over the freeway. But that I now had the lucky braclet because it went right back in and tightened down great!!
The truck ran great as I sat in traffic all the way home.
Maybe I spoke too soon about my luck. I just lost my dinner in the shower. Well, I’ll just be lighter in tomorrow’s road race.


I’m sure I spelt all kinds of things wrong… you’ll get over it.

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Bowen Sports Performance secret traing


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Airgas Cycling 2014!!!

I am super excited to announce that I will be racing for Airgas cycling in the 2014 racing season! Airgas Cycling is one of only ten UCI Continental teams in the US.Managed by D3Devo, the program is dedicated to providing talented young athletes with the opportunity to race in UCI & NRC events.


Me in the KOM jersey at GMSR

I had the opportunity to guest ride for the team at the end of last season at the Green Mountain Stage Race and Bucks County Classic. Both races were a blast and I can’t wait to have a whole season of races just like that!

Posted by: Connor McCutcheon | September 7, 2013

Bucks County Road Race

As predicted today was fast from the start and a suffer fest all day. My self and teammate Renan Maia  made the early and only break of the day about 5 miles in to the 103 mile race.
All was good for me untill 65 miles in when Jamis started the attacks. Made it through the firsy selection, but attacks contined and I found myself getting left behind. With some help from cars I got back in but was quickly spit when the race got hard again.
An amazing race in all! I love this style of racing. Looking forward to being the one attacking. 
Renan kept at it placing an impressive 5th!

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The finish of stage two of the Green Mountain Stage race. 3rd place

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They have my name on them!


Bucks County tomorrow!! 103 mile tough man’s race.  The beard automatically makes me contender.

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3rd today at the Green Mountain Stage Race TT


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South Philly!


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TOAD Picture


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Great first race at Tour of American’s Dairy Land!  Fast and fun, but definitely dominated by United Health Care. I did my part to make them work when I could. Then road in for top a top 10 finish. Good speed work. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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Yesterday we drove 4 hours from Saint Paul into Wisconsin. We are now in a small town outside Madison, in a beautiful house overlooking a river. Super excited to be here for the next 3 weeks! The tour of the Dairylands starts Thursday! I won’t be racing until Saturday.




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Stillwater, Chilkoot Hill, Stage 6 NVGP!!!

I got a call up!  Such a nice honor in this race!  That way I can sag the first few laps to keep my core temperature down while everybody else is fighting for the front and overheating. Which set me up perfectly to establish a break with about 13 laps to go.  And we road solid till 6 to go. We got caught and that was it.
Looking forward to lots of riding to come! 

Posted by: Connor McCutcheon | June 15, 2013

Stage 5 NVGP

Went for something like a 80 mile break. Started with 8 guys. When we got caught about 6 miles from town there was 6 of us left.
It was a solid ride. 
I made it to the finishing circuit. Road one lap and was happy to be put out if my misery when the official pulled me.

Posted by: Connor McCutcheon | June 14, 2013

NVGP Stage 4

Stayed at the front. Stayed out of trouble for the most part.
Worked hard for Tyler the Rocket Brandt. Picked up some sprint points. Unfortunately Ricardo Vanevelde was ontop of his game. In all some great, fun, and fast bike racing.
Looking forward to some more! Keep it coming!

Posted by: Connor McCutcheon | June 13, 2013

Stage 3 NVGP

Lost the best young riders jersey today. There were several moves that I should have been in. I’m rather frustrated with myself because there is no reason I should not have been in those winning moves. I am almost 10 minutes out of the best young rider now.

On the upside Tyler Brandt road like a champ today and is not far out of the points jersey. Better believe we are coming for it.

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